Weiwei Gerl

Weiwei Gerl

Welcome to WG Pics.

I am a professional photographer specializing in headshots and personal branding portraits.


Did you know?

                9 out of 10 of people will research you on social media before deciding to hire or work with you. (The Muse)

                1 in 5 people will ONLY look at your profile picture and nothing else on your LinkedIn page! (HSN Beauty)

                You are 14x more likely to be taken seriously if you have a professional headshot on your social media profiles. (LinkedIn)



1.             I specialize in headshots. The main focus of my career has been on bringing out the best emotions and expressions to truly help you connect with your audience.

2.             I 'll guide you to be photogenic and build everything around your best angles. Even if you don't know your best side (most people don't), we'll take a quick look at you, figure out what's going to work best, and then position the lights accordingly. For outdoor shoots, we'll go to a place that has a great background and light coming naturally from the most flattering angles for you.

3.             I’ll show you the photos as we shoot. We will review the photos together and discuss what is working and what is not. This means you'll know what you're getting. I encourage you to be critical because I have solutions to fix if there's something you don't like about the photo. In most cases, there's a non-Photoshop way to fix things naturally so that you're working with the best possible images from the get-go.

4.             I work with professional makeup artists. Samantha and Anna are amazing makeup artists who know how to make people look fabulous yet natural. They customize their makeup to your facial structure and make sure you feel comfortable with your makeup. So you'll never have headshots with makeup that doesn't look like you.

5.       I won't let you down. On top of the art of headshot photography, tips and poses that make you look photogenic. I focus on the service that I am providing, make sure you feel proud of yourself in the photos. Because of the process I have developed, I have not had any client that doesn’t love their photos, especially since you get to see them during the shoot. However, if you feel disappointed, I will offer you a complimentary reshoot to make it right for you.  

6.        Patience. It doesn't matter how un-photogenic you think you are. You might surprise yourself.



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