If you're still shopping around for a photographer, I want to make sure whoever you choose does the best possible job. Keep in mind these things when looking:

1.    The photographer must specialize in headshots. Don't hire someone who focuses on weddings or architecture because headshots are a very challenging branch of photography. A poor expression or improper lighting can actually hurt you more than having no headshot at all! Another interesting thing to note is that headshots are different than portraits.


2.    The photographer should direct you and know what will work for you as an individual. Everyone is different and I've heard photographers just say to clients, "Do your thing." That means nothing and you'll probably wind up feeling very awkward because of it. Speak to the photographer over the phone and make sure they have a great personality, are easy to get along with, and will completely direct you during the shoot.



3.    The photographer must shoot you on the right backdrop. Different backgrounds say different things to an audience, and depending on whether you're in finance or technology, or whether you're using your photo on LinkedIn or for online dating purposes, the background and overall look of the shot should be different. Check out industry background trends here.


4.    The photographer should not charge you extra for images after the shoot. I've heard from clients on numerous occasions that previous photographers they worked with took their photos for $250 and then watermarked all their images and told them after the fact that they would have to pay $40 for EACH image they wanted to use. Make sure whoever you hire gives you access to ALL your high-resolution images after your shoot.


5.    The photographer needs to show you the photos during the shoot. If they don't do this, it means you'll have no idea what you're getting, and you could wind up being surprised with a set of photos you hate because they were all taken on your bad side or with a background you didn't want.



We appreciate your interest in our work, and truly hope to have the opportunity to serve you with an awesome set of headshots. We hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of our website!


Weiwei Gerl

Chief Photographer at WG pics